“Donumental” (installation view) – a love letter to my landlord

“Donumental” – a love letter to my landlord

Garrett’s dog – oil paint

“1:26” – wood, fabric, sequins, electric fans, and video projection

“Ladder in Two Parts”


“Rad Nauseum” – pump, tubing, funnel, American Pilsner, audio of “Rock & Roll All Nite” by Kiss

“If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now” – Screen print, wood, and incandescent light

still from “American Idol”

“Assume the Position” (detail)

“Assume the Position”

“By and By” – Wood, glass, and plastic balls

Still from “Cake”

“Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast” (detail)

“Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast”


"Relic (1974)"