“Bobby” – inspired by the assassination of Robert Kennedy

For my darling Ziggy June – a kids book concept based on the music of David Bowie

“How We Work” illustration series

Reaper illustration – originally designed for motorcycle fuel tank

Retro-inspired food illustration

Diagram illustrating the diverse options that can be toggled on/off with a loyalty platform

Children’s book concept – Ocean’s Eleven for kids

Beverage icon set for 7-11

“A Sailors Grave”

Pete Townshend animation experiment

Retro-inspired monochromatic icon set for Home Chef

“In Trump We Trust” – Editorial illustration of modern-day Emperor Nero

“Special Delivery”

Captain Quint

An homage to chicken wings

In memory of the late, great Ziggy Stardust

Andy Warhol

Marty McFly animation experiment

The Boss

“Rules to Live By”

Scene from Jaws

Shirt concept for Chicago Funny

“Martin” – Inspired by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

“Liberty or Death”